Suggestion box comment 06.10.17

“There’s more to a library than just books… Think about it.”

Absolutely, we couldn’t agree more. And it’s something we do think about on a daily basis. Here are some of the “not books” things that we do:

  • Providing a positive environment for you to study in
  • Having a dedicated team of Subject Librarians, to help you learn how to do better research for your assignments
  • Putting on events and exhibitions to add colour to your time at Essex (why not come to our next “Words With… Caleb Femi” at the Lakeside Theatre on Fri 20 October or check out the ASL50 exhibition on the first floor?)
  • Having a friendly team of staff at the Helpdesk and roving around the Library to help you with any questions at your point of need

Think there’s more we could be doing? Come along to the first Library Advisory Group meeting of the year on Wed 22 November, where we’ll be asking how we can help you to make the Library the perfect place to study. There’ll be cake.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager


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