Capture This year, we’ve introduced a new zoning approach to help make it easier for you to find your ideal place to study in the Library.

Collaborative Zones  can be found in the group study rooms and the landings of each of the upper floors (2-5). Here you can do group work, eat cold food and drink hot and cold drinks.

Whisper Zones make up most of the other study areas of the Library, including the Student Collection on floor 1, and both the Postgraduate and Library Reading Rooms on the ground floor. These areas are for quiet individual study, and you can have hot and cold drinks here.

Silent Zones are areas for those who don’t want any distractions, with only bottled water allowed. We’re trying out different areas of the Library as Silent Zones to see what suits you best. Check the whiteboard on the ground floor for the current Silent Zones.

Hot food is not permitted anywhere in the Library so please eat it before you come in, and help keep the Library environment pleasant for everyone.

We want to know if we’ve got it right. You can let us know by any of the usual feedback channels, including talking to a friendly member of staff (look out for the yellow lanyards).

Even better, you can come along to “In the Zone?”, a Library Advisory Group workshop which will be taking place on Wednesday 22 November in Special Collections (first floor of the Library), 3-5pm. You bring the ideas, we’ll bring the cake.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager



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