Suggestion box comments 19.10.17

“*Water filter on ground level
*Enforcement of ‘whisper’ zones i.e. people often noisy in whisper zone
*Really like idea of ‘silent room’ but people came in to talk”

To respond to the comments in order:

We’ll be installing a water fountain in the newly refurbished Library Reading Room which should be available soon.

We’re sorry to hear that your experience of the whisper and silent zones so far has been disappointing. During core hours, members of Library staff are roving throughout the building helping to monitor and maintain the zones, but if you find the study conditions too noisy at any time, you can contact our noise textline on 07557 290664 and a member of staff will respond.

We’re really interested in how you experience the zoning of the Library, and what we can do together to make the Library a great environment to study in. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, why not come along to “In the Zone?”, a Library Advisory Group workshop to help us put you in the perfect place to study.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager


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