Suggestion box comment 25.10.17: fines

Increase fine for not bringing a book back on time. 5p is nothing. What is 15p for bringing back a book 3 days late that another student is waiting for and really needs?

Unfortunately I think you may have been misinformed about our fines system!

The way it currently works is that you will only be fined if a book is recalled by another reader. So if it’s overdue but nobody else wants it, you won’t get a fine. However, if it has been recalled you will be fined £2.50 a day until the book is returned. Short Loan books are charged at £1 per hour overdue.

Hopefully these charges mean that students will be encouraged to bring books back on time when they are needed by someone else.

Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator 


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