Heating in the Library

Now the weather’s getting colder we’ve been getting more comments about areas in the Library not being warm enough in our suggestion box, on the whiteboard and at the helpdesk. We’ve also seen quite a few of you wearing your coats while studying, so this is obviously a problem!

To make sure you can make the best use possible of your Library, we’ve been looking into this with our colleagues from Estates. A walk round was done last week, and several problem areas identified. As such, a full heating survey of the building will be done this week so we can find, and more importantly, fix any problems.

In the meantime, the temperature set point has been raised to make sure the heating stays on longer. Hopefully this will be a temporary solution until the problems can be identified and dealt with.

As usual, thank you for all of your feedback. We need you to let us know what’s going on in your Library so we can do our best to make it the best possible learning environment for you.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to tell us, particularly about our new zoning approach, please join us at this week’s Library Advisory Group meeting: Wed 22nd Nov, 3-5 pm, Special Collections. You bring the ideas, we bring the cake!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator 


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