Suggestion box comment 21.12.17: more books

More copy [sic] of books not just a few and also more up to date books.

Thank you for this suggestion. It’s one that we get regularly here in the library! However, we can’t really help with this unless we have more details about which books exactly you would like more of!

If you let us know which specific books you need more of, or particular reading lists that are lacking copies, we’ll do our best to get more, either on the shelves or online! We do have a book suggestion form on the website that you can use. You could use this to ask for more copies or for more recent editions.

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator


Suggestion box comment 28.10.17: required readings

Government required readings are insufficient (you should buy more online books (ebooks)).

Computers are too slow on ground floor search.

If there are not enough resources for your course, please ask your lecturer or tutor to get in touch with us. We can the liaise with them about the needs of the course, student numbers etc. and try to order more resources where possible. In terms of e-books, we will always order online versions of essential readings where we can, however not all textbooks are available online (this is up to the publishers).

If you don’t have an online reading list for any of your modules, please ask your course leader to get in touch with us. If we don’t have the list, we won’t know how many books to buy!

As for the computers, we’ll get in touch with our colleagues in IT to try and rectify this problem.

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator

Suggestion box comment 19.10.17: vending machine

Vending machines would be grand; saves having to brave the weather!

The librarians are doing a bang up job as well. Smashing!

First of all, thanks for the good feedback! It’s always nice to hear that you think we’re doing well!

Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to install vending machines at the moment. However, we are exploring opening up a link with the Lakeside Theatre cafe, so soon you should be able to pop in there for a coffee and a snack without having to brave the weather!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator 

Heating in the Library

Now the weather’s getting colder we’ve been getting more comments about areas in the Library not being warm enough in our suggestion box, on the whiteboard and at the helpdesk. We’ve also seen quite a few of you wearing your coats while studying, so this is obviously a problem!

To make sure you can make the best use possible of your Library, we’ve been looking into this with our colleagues from Estates. A walk round was done last week, and several problem areas identified. As such, a full heating survey of the building will be done this week so we can find, and more importantly, fix any problems.

In the meantime, the temperature set point has been raised to make sure the heating stays on longer. Hopefully this will be a temporary solution until the problems can be identified and dealt with.

As usual, thank you for all of your feedback. We need you to let us know what’s going on in your Library so we can do our best to make it the best possible learning environment for you.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to tell us, particularly about our new zoning approach, please join us at this week’s Library Advisory Group meeting: Wed 22nd Nov, 3-5 pm, Special Collections. You bring the ideas, we bring the cake!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator 

Water machines

We’ve had a few comments over the last few weeks about getting water machines on the ground floor of the library.

This was originally in the plan for the refurbished Reading Room, so we are now pursuing this and hope to get a machine installed as soon as possible.

The lack of water facilities in the Postgraduate Room has also been raised. This may be more complicated to install, but we are now exploring options for this so hope to get back to you with good news soon!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator

Suggestion box comments 17.11.17

Very pleased with the service offered at the library. Happy with the range of books. However, to make the library greater it would be nice if the library could sell bags for students to place their books in. Additionally, it would be nice if the library could offer little Harvard referencing booklets.

Thanks for your positive feedback here, we’re glad to hear that you’re happy with our service and resources!

We’ve now put some library tote bags behind the helpdesk on the ground floor, so if you’re struggling with a pile of books and need a bag, please just ask a member of staff at the helpdesk.

While we don’t currently have any paper referencing guides, we do have a dedicated page on our website and subscribe to Cite Them Right, an online referencing tool which takes you through referencing in the Harvard style. By using these online tools, we can save paper and you get the extra functionality they can provide!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator

Suggestion box comment 25.10.17: fines

Increase fine for not bringing a book back on time. 5p is nothing. What is 15p for bringing back a book 3 days late that another student is waiting for and really needs?

Unfortunately I think you may have been misinformed about our fines system!

The way it currently works is that you will only be fined if a book is recalled by another reader. So if it’s overdue but nobody else wants it, you won’t get a fine. However, if it has been recalled you will be fined £2.50 a day until the book is returned. Short Loan books are charged at £1 per hour overdue.

Hopefully these charges mean that students will be encouraged to bring books back on time when they are needed by someone else.

Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator