Water machines

We’ve had a few comments over the last few weeks about getting water machines on the ground floor of the library.

This was originally in the plan for the refurbished Reading Room, so we are now pursuing this and hope to get a machine installed as soon as possible.

The lack of water facilities in the Postgraduate Room has also been raised. This may be more complicated to install, but we are now exploring options for this so hope to get back to you with good news soon!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator


Suggestion box comments 17.11.17

Very pleased with the service offered at the library. Happy with the range of books. However, to make the library greater it would be nice if the library could sell bags for students to place their books in. Additionally, it would be nice if the library could offer little Harvard referencing booklets.

Thanks for your positive feedback here, we’re glad to hear that you’re happy with our service and resources!

We’ve now put some library tote bags behind the helpdesk on the ground floor, so if you’re struggling with a pile of books and need a bag, please just ask a member of staff at the helpdesk.

While we don’t currently have any paper referencing guides, we do have a dedicated page on our website and subscribe to Cite Them Right, an online referencing tool which takes you through referencing in the Harvard style. By using these online tools, we can save paper and you get the extra functionality they can provide!

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator

Suggestion box comment 25.10.17: fines

Increase fine for not bringing a book back on time. 5p is nothing. What is 15p for bringing back a book 3 days late that another student is waiting for and really needs?

Unfortunately I think you may have been misinformed about our fines system!

The way it currently works is that you will only be fined if a book is recalled by another reader. So if it’s overdue but nobody else wants it, you won’t get a fine. However, if it has been recalled you will be fined £2.50 a day until the book is returned. Short Loan books are charged at £1 per hour overdue.

Hopefully these charges mean that students will be encouraged to bring books back on time when they are needed by someone else.

Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

Stephanie Gibson, Information Literacy Co-ordinator 

Suggestion box comments 31.10.17, 06.11.17 & 09.11.17

“Pretty please turn the heating up :)”

“Turn up heating on 5th floor (Lit area)”

“Clean the toilets more often please :)”

We work closely with colleagues in Estates to maintain the Library environment in terms of temperature and facilities. When you tell us it’s too cold or that the toilets need cleaning, we report this promptly to the Estate Management Helpdesk.

However, we’re also aware that it’s a big building that is difficult to keep warm and clean, particularly given its age, and we’re looking for longer term solutions as well to making the building more cosy.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager

Suggestion box comments 19.10.17

“*Water filter on ground level
*Enforcement of ‘whisper’ zones i.e. people often noisy in whisper zone
*Really like idea of ‘silent room’ but people came in to talk”

To respond to the comments in order:

We’ll be installing a water fountain in the newly refurbished Library Reading Room which should be available soon.

We’re sorry to hear that your experience of the whisper and silent zones so far has been disappointing. During core hours, members of Library staff are roving throughout the building helping to monitor and maintain the zones, but if you find the study conditions too noisy at any time, you can contact our noise textline on 07557 290664 and a member of staff will respond.

We’re really interested in how you experience the zoning of the Library, and what we can do together to make the Library a great environment to study in. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, why not come along to “In the Zone?”, a Library Advisory Group workshop to help us put you in the perfect place to study.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager


Capture This year, we’ve introduced a new zoning approach to help make it easier for you to find your ideal place to study in the Library.

Collaborative Zones  can be found in the group study rooms and the landings of each of the upper floors (2-5). Here you can do group work, eat cold food and drink hot and cold drinks.

Whisper Zones make up most of the other study areas of the Library, including the Student Collection on floor 1, and both the Postgraduate and Library Reading Rooms on the ground floor. These areas are for quiet individual study, and you can have hot and cold drinks here.

Silent Zones are areas for those who don’t want any distractions, with only bottled water allowed. We’re trying out different areas of the Library as Silent Zones to see what suits you best. Check the whiteboard on the ground floor for the current Silent Zones.

Hot food is not permitted anywhere in the Library so please eat it before you come in, and help keep the Library environment pleasant for everyone.

We want to know if we’ve got it right. You can let us know by any of the usual feedback channels, including talking to a friendly member of staff (look out for the yellow lanyards).

Even better, you can come along to “In the Zone?”, a Library Advisory Group workshop which will be taking place on Wednesday 22 November in Special Collections (first floor of the Library), 3-5pm. You bring the ideas, we’ll bring the cake.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager


Print top-up machine

A few students have let us know that they’d like a print top-up machine in the Library, similar to the one that’s in the Student Centre. We’ve therefore looked into this to see what the possibilities are.

Unfortunately we don’t think it’s a viable option at the moment, due to the cost of the machine and the day-to-day operational requirements in terms of the amount of cash involved, and keeping the machine up and running.

However, we recognise that the ability to easily top-up by a small amount is something that you would like, and we’ll be talking to IT Services about what we might be able to do in future to facilitate this.

Emma Wisher, Student Engagement & Learning Support Manager